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Graduation Requirements

What Every HS Student Must Do to Graduate

To get a high school diploma every NY State student must complete:
  • 4 years (8 credits) of English
  • 4 years (8 credits) of Social Studies
  • 3 years (6 credits) of Math
  • 3 years (6 credits) of Science
  • 1 year (2 credits) of Foreign Language
  • 2 credits of The Arts (art, art history, music, dance, etc.)
  • 1 credit of Health
  • 7 credits of Electives
  • 4 credits of Physical Education
In addition, every student must have credit for the following NY State Regents Examinations:              
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Living Environment
  • Global Studies
  • English Language Arts
  • US History & Government
To pass the Regents a student must earn a 65% or better. 
A student must pass ALL 5 Regents exams with a 65% or better.
Passing is a 65% but to prove true mastery of a subject, 85% is expected.
​To obtain an Advanced Regents Diploma a student must pass the 5 Regents Exams listed above plus three math Regents’ (Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry), two Science Regents (Living Env and Earth Sci or Chemistry), 6 credits of a Foreign Language and the LOTE exam.

Students with an IEP can graduate with a Local Diploma. This means they can receive graduation credit for Regents exams with a 55% to 64%. 
  • To go from the 9th grade to the 10th grade a student must earn a minimum of 10 credits
  • To go from the 10th grade to the 11th grade a student must earn a minimum of 20 credits. 4 of those credits must be in English and 4 of those credits must be in Social Studies
  • To go from the 11th grade to the 12th grade a student must earn a minimum of 30 credits
A student will graduate with over 44 credits, but it is not the number of credits that determines graduation.  High school graduation is based on completing all the requirements listed above.
​A failing grade is 64% or below.